Experienced Business Coach and Business Management consultant

Experienced Business Coach and Business Management consultant

Experienced Business Coach and Business Management consultantExperienced Business Coach and Business Management consultant

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Theraplay LLC

Theraplay LLC

Theraplay LLC


"Before Coach Michael, all I knew was whether or not I had money in the bank.  

Working with Coach Michael for the past two years, I now have an understanding of my profit and loss statement, how to systematize procedures and a whole lot more!"  


Jeanine Morton, M.A, CCC-SLP, ITFS

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Theraplay LLC

Theraplay LLC


I worked with Coach Michael for just a few short months but already I can see a marked difference in the way I treat and think about my business.   Coach Michael takes a multi-faceted approach to coaching your business and has a keen sense of awareness in facilitating the areas where you and your business need the most care and attention. From designing my own personal vision board to learning how to make informed, measurable, and realistic goals for success in my business.  Coach Michael is invested in not only helping me learn and grow but also in becoming an independent and empowered business owner. Every meeting I learn something new, become more confident, and - the best part - laugh!

​Coach Michael is knowledgeable, personable, and truly wants to see you and your business succeed.

​Maia Wirth - Artistic director

Theraplay LLC


Since working with Coach Michael, we have found him to be very intelligent and knowledgeable about all aspects of Business Development.  He is very attentive and has a great level of communication which aides in his ability to continuously deliver outstanding results.  Having Coach Michael as an accountability partner for ACCI has been very rewarding and valuable experience.  He has tremendously helped in the growth of our company.  I truly believe that Coach Michael is an asset to any business.

Niveen Kattan - President

Hardin-Bowles, Inc


Hardin-Bowles, Inc

Hardin-Bowles, Inc

Hardin-Bowles, Inc


business and management consultant 

“Want to improve your bottom line? - Meet Michael Washington.” - Blake Hardin 

“Without a doubt, Coach Michael is the best investment you can make in your business.  Period.” - Hal Bowles

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Hardin-Bowles, Inc

Hardin-Bowles, Inc



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